There's no Going Back

It was the day after the election, and I like many of us, woke up looking for results…for some peace, for some kind of answer. What I found was quite the opposite, just more questions. As I stood motionless in my kitchen, my feet numb to the floor beneath me, the Lord clearly spoke …many believers are hoping for Donald Trump to win this election so they can go back to just coasting.

I have to admit the very premise shook me to the core. Is that really all the church is wanting? Is that what I’m wanting? We’ve all been engaged in such a fierce spiritual battle for so many months now, and there are many of us that are tired and weary and, let’s face it, we just want to sit back as this most wonderful time of the year approaches, and mindlessly watch hallmark movies. We want things to go back to “normal”. But through all of the chaos, I hear God saying…there is no going back…we can’t afford to ever again be the way we once were, there can be no more Sunday- seat warming, we must continue to advance His Kingdom every day. And it is in His daily whispers of…for such a time as this…that we gain strength, a constant reminder that none of us are here by accident and we were, in fact, created for this moment. We each have something to do, something we can add.

I believe the church at large missed a great opportunity when covid hit, missed an opening to pervade our country with hope and shout from the rooftops that Jesus is the healer, to stand fearlessly before a world that had no option but to cower to it. We are looking at a world that we have helped create. By our own complacency, the enemy has, in stealth-like fashion infiltrated every arena of the society in which we live. But just as they say, hindsight is always 20/20. God is so rich in mercy that He would love us enough to give us another chance. Right now, He is pleading with His bride to repent, to humble themselves, to stay in faith, and cling to His words only. He is waiting for us to rise up, to pray for discernment that we may recognize this antichrist agenda that is plaguing the earth, so that we will not fall prey to it. We need an unbridled boldness so that we may believe and proclaim what God has said in place of what the false prophets we know as the media are saying. We are standing at the door of yet another opportunity, one that we cannot let pass by, one that may not be very comfortable, it will come with persecution because evil blatantly hates truth. These aren’t the days of “how to make friends and influence people” these are the days where we will go in the power and boldness of the Holy Spirit and truly influence culture, this is what we should have been doing all along.

I stand by what the Lord gave me a couple of years ago about His intentions for my local church, about becoming a much-needed hub in our city, albeit none of us could have understood how weighted and perfectly-timed His word was. He is looking for churches all over right now that will heed His words, that will truly stand up for the truth. But we must understand, it will not fall into our laps, we each have a part to play. He told us then and He is telling us again that it is time to go deeper with Him, no matter how intimately connected you are, how much you know, or how long you’ve been doing this, there is always more…and right now you and I need to be in desperate search of that “more”.

The AWAKENING that many of us have been praying and believing for for years is upon us! IT IS HERE!! We are living in it now, the glory of God is falling on this nation. And though it doesn’t look like many (or any) of us thought it might, as the “awakening” part has proven to be more far reaching than what any of us could have imagined. The church needs to be standing right at the helm of the chaos in these days, we are looking at a world that is so full of fear they are being controlled by it, that goes for believers and unbelievers alike. The Lord told me months ago that fear doesn’t listen for logic or statistics, fear is listening for hope… and you and I are intimately connected to the Hope of all hopes.

The question is…what are we going to do with it? I don’t know about you, but I simply cannot sit by and let opportunity pass me by again, I have to be a voice for truth, we all do. It is time for the body of Christ to come together and push back the fear with hope, push back the lies with truth, push back the darkness with light.

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