When the lord spoke to me very specifically a few years ago about a rally,  I had it limited to an event, but recently he led me to markedly different definitions of the word rally and an entirely new ministry.

  • a quick or marked recovery after a reverse or a period of weakness 

  • bring together (forces) again in order to continue fighting

  • (of troops) come together again in order to continue fighting after a defeat or dispersion                          

the heart of god has always been for his children to unite as one body. And as the need for revival intensifies so does the need to come together. at the core of everything we do, is that mandate. we are a global movement, in hot pursuit of revival. We have been made extremely aware of the need to bring believers together, to intentionally tear down the judgments and divisions that have been created by doctrine, denomination, race, gender, culture, offenses and the various other reasons.

When we come together with jesus is lord as our foundation and go in the power of the holy spirit we can accomplish "god's will be done" in these last days on earth. it's only then that the greater works that Jesus speaks of in john chapter 14 will become commonplace, and we will see a world that is vastly different from the one we are seeing now. 

The church at large has been complacent, and we are seeing the evidence of that all around us. jesus rally seeks to encourage and equip the Church to stand up for truth and get out into their communities with the gospel via prayer meetings, events, marches, etc. Jesus is the only one that can change the current state of our country.And we are going to have to band together and take him outside the four walls if we want to truly see the great awakening in this country. 

God has so graciously given us step 1 in this process - A Prayer Mandate- to find out more go here.