God is crying out to His body to come together, to finally unite as one! He is asking us to lay aside those things that have kept us divided, removed from one another, and unite. He wants us to come together and pray, in one accord, just as the disciples did in Acts chapter 1, verse 14  before the fire of the Holy Spirit fell upon each of them. He sent His Spirit then and He will again, the outpouring spoken of by the prophet Joel is waiting in the wings for our petition. This is the mandate He has given, for his body to again come together before He pours out His Spirit upon the earth. 


We have included an outline according to His Word, and as ONE GLOBAL BODY, in one accord, we will repent, pray, and seek His face (2 Chron. 7:14). We will stand boldly on the Word of God and His promise to heal our land, and we will expect to see this country turn around, and we will see a Great Awakening across the entire world! 


So we are asking every believer to sign up as their commitment or pray every day for your country, leaders, each other, and the entire world. 

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A global call

There is no distance in the spirit, so sign up to commit to pray in one accord with fellow believers across the globe!!