Word from 2018 for Solid Rock Church

If you look around, it may seem like we are living in perilous times. That being said, if there’s one thing faith people know, it’s that we don’t live by what it looks like. The truth is, great things are happening in the Kingdom of God. The stage has been set for the greatest spiritual awakening this country has ever seen. But it’s going to take laborers; people like us and churches just like ours to bring it all to pass. I believe God intends for Solid Rock Church to be the very hub for this awakening in Stillwater… it has to be us.

I have visions of our children’s ministry reaching it’s fullest capacity, of new families pouring in the church doors because they’re tired of playing church and they’ve had enough of all the “programs”. They’re looking for something more, for something that’s real-The power of God, the presence of God, and faith in the Word of God…exactly what we have here.

Of course, there are tangible, physical things we must do to prepare, but even more than that, we need to be ready ourselves, both as individuals and united as one body, the body of Christ. Now more than ever we need more Word, less world. Now is not the time to try to justify our own compromise or search out loopholes that allow own desires to take precedence over His. Neither can we rely on the intimacy that we once had with the Lord that has since turned into dried up rituals.

No matter where you are with the Lord, just becoming acquainted, or walking with Him for years, He’s calling out to you to press in to Him, to go deeper. There’s so much more of Him to know, so much further He desires to take you. And that’s exactly what it’s going to take in these last days to accomplish all that He intends to…complete and total surrender on our part. This means there will be times He nudges us to choose bvovn over HGTV and our Bible app over perusing through Facebook. He is looking for those that will put His will above their own, that are willing to do things that may greatly trouble their flesh simply because He asked them to do it.

About a month or so ago, I was reading about John the Baptist and, as He does so often, God showed me new things within a story I had become all too familiar with. First of all He said… “Sometimes being in the wilderness isn’t exactly what’s wanted, it’s what’s necessary”. He reminded me that there are times when it is imperative to cut out all of the unnecessary, to shut out all of the outside voices. We must all get to a place where we are hearing only from Him, and cut out every distraction, if we want to effectively do what He has called us to do. As many of us know, John the Baptist played a vital role in preparing the way for the earthly ministry of Jesus. And then the Lord said this…“I am looking for some John the Baptists in these last days, those that will separate themselves entirely from this world…and prepare the way for Me to come again!”

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